Manufacturing Partners

AIR BALANCE INC. - Full line of louvers, control dampers, gravity dampers, fire & smoke, penthouses, gravity ventilators and roof curbs.

AEROFIN - A leading manufacturer of finned tube heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment such as process gas, coolers/heaters, transformer oil, coolers, fan/coil units, integral face & by-pass coils.

AEROVENT - Axial and centrifugal fans in addition to full line of air make up units.

AMERICAN WARMING & VENTILATING - Dampers and louvers, light to heavy duty for gas & nuclear power, marine, tunnel ventilation & general industrial markets.

ARROW UNITED - Commericial, industrial dampers and multi-zone dampers, louvers, walk-in-doors, duct access doors

ARCTICHILL - AIr Cooled and Water Cooled Modular, process, medical and speciality chillers.

ARCTIC COOL - High Efficiency Water Cooled & Air Cooled Chillers with Magnetic Bearing Compressors

CAREL - Innovative humidification and control systems. Electric, Gas and Adiabatic humidifiers.

CIRCUL-AIRE - Odour control, carbon media, gas phase filtration, industrial contaminants control.

CLARAGE - Custom engineered centrifugal & axial fans, tunnel ventilation.

CLIMATEWORX - Precision cooling units. DX, Water cooled, Chilled Water. Computer Room Airconditioning.

DADANCO - Active chilled beam, inffusers & induction units.

ENVIRO-TEC - VAV terminal boxes, fan coils, air handling units and packaged equipment.

FLO-FAB  - Pumps, single & double suction, expansion tanks, plate exchangers, glycol fill tanks and pump skid packages.

FREEZECO - Custom chiller systems for large HP modular and industrial process systems.

HEATREX - Tubular & finned tubular heating elements, immerision heaters, duct heaters, explosion rated heaters.

HUNTAIR - FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, retrofit air handlers, cleanroom systems.

KEES - Kitchen hoods, make up air units, security & stainless steel grilles & diffusers, air mixers and custom fabrication.

KINETICS Noise Control - Silencers, Siesmic Restraints, Isolators, Sound Barriers for Commerical and Industrial

K-TECH - Kitchen hoods, make up air units, industrial gas indirect make up air units.

LUVATA HEATCRAFT - Heat transfer coils for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

MAGIC AIRE - Hydronic and DX fan coils, air handlers and unit ventilators.

MAMMOTH - Vertical self contained units, chiller plants, custom packaged DX.

M.K. PLASTICS - FRP fans, blowers & dampers. High plume & pherchloric systems.

NORTEK Air Solutions -  Custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning for commercial, industrial & institutional environments.

OUELLET - Electric heating systems, wall, ceiling, washdown, explosion proof.

PLYMOVENT - Exhaust extraction systems, tail pipe exhaust, for bus garages and various type of operation centers.

QUANTECH - Air-Cooled scroll & variable speed drive screw chillers

RAPID ENGINEERING - Gas fired direct-fired, indirect fired, with cooling, digital control make up air units.

REZNOR - Gas fired unit heaters, air handlers, duct furnaces, package make up air units.

ROBERTS GORDON - Infrared heaters.

ROTORK-SCHISCHEK- Actuators, NEMA 4X, explosion proof, stainless steel. Limited stock is available.

STERLING HEAT - Complete line of finned tube heating elements, enclosure and baseboard radiation along with unit heaters, & cabinet heaters.

STERLING  HVAC- Hydronic unit heaters, gas unit heaters, indirect and direct fired gas make up air units & self contained roof top units.

TEMPMASTER - Packaged Cooling & Heating Units, Packaged Heat Pumps, Split Systems, Energy Recovery, Evaporative Blowers.

TEMTROL - Custom air handlers, knockdown air handlers, fan retrofit, coils.

TUTTLE & BAILEY - Air distribution, grilles, registers & diffusers.

TWIN CITY - Fans & blowers, steel, aluminum, frp, stainless, carbon fiber, industrial fans, commerical fans.

VENMAR CES - Energy recovery, dedicated outside air solutions, air source heat pumps.

VENTROL - Custom air handlers, energy recovery, FANWALL®, knock-down construction & coils.

VTS - Compact, lighter-weight air handling package, featuring an innovative frameless casing design.

XCELON - High-Efficiency rooftop makeup air units.